Friday, April 30, 2010

History of Animation

The idea of Animation is older than the movies or television...Here is brief history:
  • It all started first with cave painting where we could see drawing of four legged animals in motion.
  • Although photography was developed around 1830s,most devices for creating illusion of motion were made using drawings but not photos.This gave birth to Roget's Principle.
  • The Flipper Book :It is just a series of drawing bound like a book along one edge.Hold the book in one hand along the bound edge and with the other hand flip the pages and "See Them Move".
Today the "classical" animator still flips his drawings the same way as a flipper book before testing it on the video or film camera.
  • The first Personality animation i.e "Gertie the Dinosaur" marks the beginning of cartoon individuality.
  • The Felix cartoon led to arrival of Walt Disney,"Mickey Mouse" made his first appearance in Steamboat Willie-the first cartoon with synchronised sound.
  • This was followed by "The Skeleton Dance"-action was coordinated with a proper musical store.Disney leapt forward again in 1932 with "Flowers and Tress"-the first full colour cartoon.
  • Only four years after release of Three Little Pigs,"Snow White and Seven Dwarfs",-the world's first fully-animated feature length film.
The tremendous financial and critical success of Snow white & seven dwarfs became the foundation of Disney's output and gave birth to "Golden Age" of "Animation".

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