Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Detail Of Animation

Animation is giving motion to Non-Living objects using spacing & timing..The 12 main principles of animation are :
  • Stretch & Squash
  • Timing & Spacing
  • StraightAhead & Pose to Pose
  • Exaggeration
  • Follow through & overlap
  • Anticipation
  • Arc
  • Line of action
  • Appeal
  • Secondary action
  • Staging
There are different types of animation like stop motion animation,cut out animation,sand animation but the main classification is 2D and 3D animation.

2D animation or traditional animation was developed by good animators,where they used their experience along with all the inputs they had gained through the years from other forms of art.The best example is Tom & Jerry cartoon.

3D animation or digital animation was developed using computers.The best example is Ice Age

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