Thursday, July 01, 2010

Examples of 2D animation

The above example describes about a simple bouncing ball 2d animation.First the rough sketch of ball bounce was created with timing and spacing adjusted in the sketch using light box and then the animation was captured with help of line tester and computer.

2D Animation

The most important part in animation is drawing.Drawing of a charcter starts with basic shapes like circle,triangle,cylinder,cone.So one has to be perfect in drawing exactly these shapes.This will be the pillar for 2d animation.

In 2D animation,certain principles has to be followed by animators.When an animation is created,the animator has to take care of the timing and spacing of the key frames(1sec=24frames).

2D animation figures are created and/or edited on the computer using 2D bitmap graphics or created and edited using 2D vector graphics.

Friday, April 30, 2010

History of Animation

The idea of Animation is older than the movies or television...Here is brief history:
  • It all started first with cave painting where we could see drawing of four legged animals in motion.
  • Although photography was developed around 1830s,most devices for creating illusion of motion were made using drawings but not photos.This gave birth to Roget's Principle.
  • The Flipper Book :It is just a series of drawing bound like a book along one edge.Hold the book in one hand along the bound edge and with the other hand flip the pages and "See Them Move".
Today the "classical" animator still flips his drawings the same way as a flipper book before testing it on the video or film camera.
  • The first Personality animation i.e "Gertie the Dinosaur" marks the beginning of cartoon individuality.
  • The Felix cartoon led to arrival of Walt Disney,"Mickey Mouse" made his first appearance in Steamboat Willie-the first cartoon with synchronised sound.
  • This was followed by "The Skeleton Dance"-action was coordinated with a proper musical store.Disney leapt forward again in 1932 with "Flowers and Tress"-the first full colour cartoon.
  • Only four years after release of Three Little Pigs,"Snow White and Seven Dwarfs",-the world's first fully-animated feature length film.
The tremendous financial and critical success of Snow white & seven dwarfs became the foundation of Disney's output and gave birth to "Golden Age" of "Animation".

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Detail Of Animation

Animation is giving motion to Non-Living objects using spacing & timing..The 12 main principles of animation are :
  • Stretch & Squash
  • Timing & Spacing
  • StraightAhead & Pose to Pose
  • Exaggeration
  • Follow through & overlap
  • Anticipation
  • Arc
  • Line of action
  • Appeal
  • Secondary action
  • Staging
There are different types of animation like stop motion animation,cut out animation,sand animation but the main classification is 2D and 3D animation.

2D animation or traditional animation was developed by good animators,where they used their experience along with all the inputs they had gained through the years from other forms of art.The best example is Tom & Jerry cartoon.

3D animation or digital animation was developed using computers.The best example is Ice Age

My Interested Field

The first thing a 8 year old child does as soon as he/she comes home from school is switch on the T.V..they forget to change their clothes,remove shoes..the channel they tune into is Cartoon Network..They scream at their mother"Mom look,tom & jerry cartoon is telecasting in cartoon network",their mother jumps in joy and comes to watch their favourite Tom & Jerry show...Many people are very much attracted towards this show..Even me too a Great Fan of Tom & Jerry..

Friends,ever wonder how the Tom & Jerry are created and what they call for it...Yes,Animation this is what i want to talk about it in this post as well as my up coming post because this is the field i am most interested to know and also want to do,which i am pursuing it now...

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Back with A Bang

Happy New Year 2010 friends.....I am back to blogging..had stopped for a long time...the question "what to write in blog?" had made me from not blogging,now that i have so many things to pen down started it again....